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December 18, 2013
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Santa Muerte by vanZINger Santa Muerte by vanZINger
OKAY. I'm mostly just tired of working on this. There may be roses and a banner at the bottom later if I feel like fixing it. Her white needs to be fixed a little too for the shading.

I wanted to do her like a tattoo as well as like a loteria card. She is posed as a cheesecake model, and to invoke the imagery of La Llorona, along with the flowing, underwater-like hair. I think it turned out well. There's a version with a solid peach background as well, and I'm not sure which I like better, that or the transparent as seen here.

Cayran Dec 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dear GOD she is amazing! I mean...WOW! :jawdrop:

The colors are fabulous, and her over all concept is so original. I am honestly jealous of your coloring/shading skills. It looks like you put so much detail into your work while I try to get something done as quick as I can. She is just amazing!

I love her! :heart: 
I really, really love the idea of a cheesecake La Lorona because that seems like such an incongruous combo---sexy funtimes pinup plus BABY-MURDERING DROWNED GHOST WOMAN. And I did not know what loteria was but now I looked it up so I learned something!

And it looks BEAUTIFUL of course!

I can't help looking at her sex mouth every time I try to focus on something else, which means you totally did it right
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